Ultimate Predator and Tusker Zambia Photo Safari

Join us on an incredible photographic safari to two of the wildest places in Zambia – Chongwe in the Lower Zambezi National Park and Liuwa Plains. 

15-23 May 2018. Book now 

Zambia is fast becoming the latest popular safari destination of Africa. It has always been wild and beautiful, with stunning wildlife, but off the beaten track. We have designed a photo safari to harness these qualities, including some of both the most remote and the most popular wildlife destinations in Zambia, Luiwa Plains and The Lower Zambezi National Park. These are hotspots for photographing some of the best predators and elephants in Zambia. Join the highly acclaimed wildlife photography guides, Heinrich van den Berg and Isak Pretorius, to help you create your own portfolio of stunning wildlife photos, while wildlife photography in Zambia is still relatively new.

Having the chance to create a portfolio of images before an area becomes overrun by photographers is a huge drawcard in wildlife photography. This is why we have scouted wilderness areas in Southern Africa that are teeming with wildlife, but that have not yet become popular on the wildlife photography circuit. Luiwa Plains is very wild, remote and unexplored, a place where comfortable lodge accommodation and scheduled flights have only recently been established. It is home to the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa and is well-known for its stunning cheetah, wild dogs and hyaena that roam the open flat terrain. It also offers amazing bird photography, as birds flock there in their thousands. The Lower Zambezi valley is known for elephants, lion and leopard in an ancient riverine forest setting. Here we found a secluded little corner where you can experience the birds by boat in a small tributary to the Zambezi, or find the big tuskers and predators along the main river.

This is a special safari for those who want to find the next unexplored wildlife havens of Africa, or for those who want an exclusive experience of the original wild Africa.

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Trip highlights

  • We fly in from Lusaka to Chongwe over incredibly unspoilt wilderness, and land at Royal landing strip.
  • From Chongwe we have a few different options to photograph: Going on a game drive into Lower Zambezi National Park, boating down the Zambezi and taking a trip on a small boat up the Chongwe river. It is this variety that makes Chongwe unique.
  • And if you get tired of photography, you can always try some tiger fishing!
  • April/May is a great time to see wild dogs, as well as other predators. Hippo sightings are guarateed on the Chongwe and Zambezi rivers, and photographing elephants from the boats is a wonderful experience.
  • After four nights, we fly out from Chongwe to Lusaka and then fly to Kalabo airstrip close to Liuwa Plains. The flight is spectacular, flying over unspoilt wilderness.
  • From Kalabo airstrip, we take a helicopter flight to the beautiful King Lewanika Lodge. From the air, Liuwa plains is an incredible sight.
  • During the four days at Liuwa Plains, we will be able to photograph loads of predators and birds. Hyaena roam the plains, as well as beautiful lion and cheetah. Unfortunately the famous lioness Lady Liuwa passed away in 2017, but she has left a legacy and it is incredible to see lion in this environment.
  • Additional helicopter flips are available at an additional cost, from where we can photograph Lechwe running through the water etc.

About your guides

Heinrich van den Berg is a world-renowned wildlife photographer. He own HPH Publishing, and has published more than 30 photographic books. He has won various international photography awards.

Isak is a specialist wildlife photographic guide from South Africa. His bird and wildlife images have won multiple awards and been celebrated nationally and internationally in many publications.

Liuwa Plains Sample Images

Chongwe Sample Images

Where you will be staying



The price of the trip is US$10 900. An additional single supplement will apply to single travellers.

This price includes four nights at Chongwe, four nights at King Lewanika Lodge in Liuwa Plains, as well as all internal flights from Lusaka and to Lusaka at the end of the trip, as well as helicopter connecting flights from and to Kalabo Airstrip. We require a minimum of 4 guests for the trip to run.

Additional Information

  • Because the group is small, we can give personal attention to anyone according to their level. There is enough time to help everyone regardless of their level.
  • You would need decent camera and long lens to make the most out of the trip. We would recommend renting a long lens if you don’t own one, especially for the bird photography at Liuwa Plains.
  • What we generally do is teach the practical photography on the vehicle, and then after the game drives, have you choose your favourite images, and then we will crit them every night. We will then look at the image and suggest any changes that you could do to the image in Lightroom, and showing you how we would typically work with the image in Lightroom or Photoshop or which ever program you use. We found that this kind of training works exceptionally well, as you will then develop as we go along. We also have presentations on certain elements of photography that we could run through if you want. But we certainly will train you and give you enough tips.
  • Rates include all meals, standard bar drinks, accommodation, transfers to/from local airport, local inter-camp road transfers, game-viewing activities, laundry and service charge. Rates exclude entry visas, top shelf spirits, reserve wines and champagne.
  • Activities include: Game drives (day and night), and boat cruises. Fishing and canoeing are available at Chongwe Camp.
  • If you are flying in from South Africa and certain other countries, there is no need to stay over in Lusaka before or after the trip, as the flight schedule is so that you can arrive and depart on the day.