When an eagle takes off, it does not climb into the air with feathery claws. There is far too much pride woven into the threads of its existence. When an eagle takes off, it pushes the whole world down with its wings, and spins it around beneath its feet.  

Dust into Paint

White light refracts into colours when it passes through a drop of water. In the same way reflection causes our ideas to split into rainbows. Yet in order to create, something has to be undone. To sing we sacrifice breath. To create joy we lose laughter, and to see...

Sphinxes and Slaves

Like a shock wave, springbok flee in terror back and forth in this Kalahari riverbed among the dunes. For on the dunes sit the cheetah, like sphinxes on sand pyramids, gazing across their kingdom of slaves.


This is not a snake, nor poisonous leaves. This is an abyss in the forest floor. This is the end of the future.


Texture is a language. It is Braille for the brain. A fondling of the eyes.


Plants are at war with extinction. Parachutes carry tiny atom bombs into enemy territory, and seeds split in uncontrollably devastating proportions.


A crab’s skeleton encapsulates its tasty flesh. It needs protection from the outside. Our skeletons are buried deep inside our bodies. We need protection from the inside.


On misty mornings spider webs are useless, hanging like diamond jewellery from the wrists of trees. But as the sun rises, trees undress and diamonds turn to horror.


Art is a ghost that hides in our mind. We know that it exists, for we have seen its reflection in the corner of our eyes. But we cannot see it. Painters have spent lifetimes looking for it, only to get lost in the darkness of their own minds. Philosophers have clawed...

Broken Hearts

There are many wild hearts lying around. Some are kind and some are soft. Some are broken or full of holes. Others will turn around and bite you.


Here, penned into our squares of life, we wonder what creatures and adventures lie on the other side. The question captured in our minds, that we are afraid to speak out loud, is: ‘Are we fenced in, or are we fenced out?’


Giraffe cannot become sad, for tears have a long way to travel from the heart. Gravity keeps giraffe happy, for emotion is heavier than blood.