Misty mornings are what many photographers dream of. When the mist is low, it can create beautiful scenes and moody images. But it is difficult to get the most out of a misty morning.

Beginner tip

When it is misty, don’t attempt photographing subjects that are too far away because the mist between you and the subject will ruin all its detail.

Lighting tip

When the morning is particularly misty, drive to the areas where the mist starts to break up. This normally occurs against hills or as you drive out of a riverbed. There, where the sun is just breaking through the mist, is where you will get the best images, provided, of course, that a good subject presents itself there.

How you can take a similar image

Lens: Medium telephoto lens to capture some of the misty background in the image.

Settings: Medium aperture. Low ISO. Change the camera exposure compensation to approximately +1. This will prevent the camera light meter from underexposing the image as a result of the brightness of the mist.

How: Wait for the subjects to interact.