White balance refers to the colour temperature setting of your camera.

Beginner tip

Use the automatic white balance setting. Today’s cameras are very accurate when it comes to white balance. If your camera makes a mistake, you can always fix it on the computer (just remember that if you want to change the colours significantly, it is always better to shoot in RAW).

Pro tip

We never move the white balance setting from automatic. In post-processing we look at the colour values of the whites and greys in the image and make sure that they don’t have any colour cast, i.e. the R, G and B values should be similar for those areas.

How you can take a similar image

Lens: Super telephoto lens.

Settings: Low ISO. Medium aperture.

How: Set your colour balance to automatic and shoot in RAW. If the image comes out with a colour cast, fix it on the computer afterwards. Forget about white balance while photographing.