A wide angle lens is any lens shorter than 50mm. If you attach a wide angle lens to your camera, everything will look smaller than the reality. A wide angle lens is used mostly for landscapes and scenery.

Beginner tip

Don’t be intimidated by other people’s big lenses. Sometimes it is better to use a wide angle lens – even when photographing wildlife.

Pro tip

Most professional photographers own an ultra wide angle zoom lens, i.e. 14-24mm or 16-35mm f2.8. This is an extremely useful lens, for with it you can distort reality and make most scenes more dramatic than they really are. This lens accentuates perspective and pulls the viewer into the image.

How you can take a similar image

Lens: Wide angle lens (shorter than 50mm).

Settings: Small aperture (f11-f22). Low ISO.

How: Make sure that your shutter speed is faster than the length of the lens, i.e. it should be at least 1/30 second if you use a 28mm lens. If it is not faster than the length of the lens, support the lens on a bracket or a bean bag.


From the book Phototips – Principles of Nature Photography

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