A standard lens is 50mm and a standard zoom lens is typically 35-70mm. These are the lenses usually sold with SLR cameras. The magnification perspective of a standard lens is the closest to that of the human eye.

Beginner tip

Use the lens that came with the camera. Although it cannot zoom into the action, it is very useful for showing the animal in the environment.

Pro tip

A 50mm fixed lens is a handy lens to have and you can get a very fast 50mm at reasonably low cost. They are wonderful in poor light and very compact. Photographs taken with a 50mm always have that traditional classic feel to them. The experienced photographers have all gone the full circle and resorted to using the lens they began with – the standard lens.

How you can take a similar image

Lens: Standard lens (35mm to 85mm).

Settings: Medium aperture to get some of the background in focus. Low ISO.

How: Position your vehicle so the background complements the subject, without detracting from it. Here the background is what makes the image, so don’t underplay it.