There is no easier way to improve your photography than by buying better equipment. Photographic technology is improving at such a rate that skill is becoming less important than persistence. Quick reflexes are second to having the newest and fastest camera, and even being right there is not essential – being almost there is enough, because a long lens will put you there.

Therefore, having the right photographic knowledge and equipment is non-negotiable. Even the world’s best nature photographer will battle to take an animal portrait in the wild with a simple “point-and-shoot” camera.

First-rate photographic equipment is enormously expensive and many an avid photographer has faced financial difficulty in obtaining it. Yet if you weigh up the cost of travelling to game reserves, accommodation and your time, you will soon realize that the cost of decent equipment is small in comparison. And the joy of capturing better photographs with better equipment is incalculable.

This is not to imply that you must go out and buy the most expensive gear, but you should have at least one really good telephoto lens to give yourself the opportunity to excel as a nature photographer.