I specialise in nature, environmental and travel photography. I have spent many years in the field, capturing images of African wildlife and the natural beauty of the continent.

The list of world-class black-and-white wildlife photographers is a short one, but even if it were pages long, South African photographer Heinrich van den Berg certainly would belong near the top.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine (USA)

Pushing the boundaries of wildlife photography is what inspires me. I dream about photography.

I have written six books, and published more than thirty.

I founded and own HPH Publishing – a boutique publishing company specialising in high quality natural history, photographic coffee table, and guide books. My book Reflection won a gold award in the international Independent Publishers Association Awards.

I have created several products – including books, interactive CD-ROMs and interactive PDFs – in my PhotoTips series. I also lead photographic workshops to various wild places.

Recently I have been involved in documentary filming.

My images have been sold to various clients and I am fortunate to be able to make a living from what I love doing.

I hope my images will inspire you to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I have won many awards, but they are not what motivates me. The last image I take is the only thing that counts.

I do assignment photography for various clients including the major broadcast companies and Getty Images.